Well hello there…how are you??

While this is my first blog post I should probably introduce myself and give you a glimpse into my world. I’m a mother of 5…yes 5. And as you pick your jaw up from off the floor and prep to ask if I’m crazy, I swear I’m not. They may drive me to craziness, or a glass or two of wine, but I’m truly one lucky individual. Which brings me wine…oh how I love thee. White, red, the bubbly stuff…its all good in my eyes. And my husband…where do I begin?!? You know what I’m talking about ladies! I would say I could consider him my 6th child on some days.

But lets talk about why you are on this page…photographs. Memories. Pictures to look back at years later and talk about fun times. I could go on and on about how I started this journey but let me tell you WHY I started this journey!!

As a mom I always second guess myself. Am I doing a good enough job raising my kids? Am I setting a good example? You know…the usual parent stressors. But nothing could have prepared me for the shock I got when dropping my son off for his first day of middle school. As I pulled up and put the car in park I gave my son a quick kiss on the cheek and told him I wouldn’t embarrass him by walking him to his first class and I hoped he had a great first day. He looked at me and told me I could never embarrass him and that he loved me. (Insert crying now) At that moment I had a huge flood of emotions. First of all I felt a huge amount of love and pride. I mean…how often do we hear these types of things from our kids, especially teenagers?!? Then a realization hit me. Every single insecurity I had about myself didn’t matter and furthermore how I viewed myself was not at all how my kids viewed me! The 30 pounds I still carried after having my kids, how I always felt frumpy because I was too busy to put makeup on, my scraggly hair always looking disheveled…none of that mattered! My kids still loved me.

And then as I pondered it further I realized that all of these things I was so insecure about is what kept me from being in my own pictures with my kids! Wait what?!? That didn’t make sense! I remember looking back at pictures I had with my kids and always thinking, “ugh my double chin” or “ I look so fat” and then I realized that when my kids look back at those pictures 20 years from now they aren’t going to see that! They are going to see an amazing picture they have with their mom and how much they love her!!

Just recently I had a session with a 3 month old and I asked the mom if she wanted some pictures with her little girl. She replied that she wasn’t feeling pretty that day. I very politely put her in a simple pose and told her to nuzzle into her little one. After showing her the images she responded with “thank god I listened to you, I love it!!” That memory would have otherwise been lost for her little girl because of her own insecurities about how she looked.

So my WHY is simple…getting moms (and dads for that matter) in front of the camera and showing you that no matter how bad you feel about yourself your kids love you!!! Because guess what, you may never lose the last 10 pounds and that pesky double chin doesn’t matter. And waiting until those things are gone isn’t a good reason to wait to capture those memories for your little one. Life is fleeting and they are only this small once!!! One of my favorite pictures is of me and my oldest on the beach in monterey and as you can see, the look on his face, its pure joy! He’s having fun with his mom and that is all that matters! My double chin, hair in a pony tail and bigger arms means nothing. Its a picture of him and I that I will treasure forever and guess what…so will he!

Whether I’m photographing maternity, newborns, families or weddings…I want everyone to look back at those images hanging on their wall and think that was a good time and look at the love we have for one another!! As my tag line says, remember the little things because one day you will look back and they will be the big things! Tiny toes, toothless smiles, little people holding their mommys hands because they are their whole world!

So now that I have probably made you cry a little, sorry about that, I hope that you have also realized that you are enough! You are enough for them and are worthy of great images for your family to have for years to come. Images that will be passed down to their kids. We moms are amazing, strong and beautiful! Stop putting yourself down and see yourself through your kids eyes. They think you are amazing…its about time we start believing it!!


  • Cassandra - You definitely made me cry! Thank you for writing this! Love you!ReplyCancel

    • admin - It’s so true though! Us moms need to realize how awesome we are 🙂ReplyCancel

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