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After doing photography for several years, I realized that babies, bumps and families were my jam! Maternity and family were easy enough to figure out but babies...those little ones are beasts! I never do anything halfway so I trained with industry leaders to get the tricks of the trade, safety 101, lighting and posing completely mastered. I can proudly say that I have trained with 3 international newborn photographers and it was the best thing I could have done for my business, and for you! Babies have to be treated with such care and patience. When you walk in the door, I want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and know that your baby is in good, well trained hands.  It is my goal to have my clients walk away commenting on how fun and relaxed the session was. Photos should be the best reflection of you and your family. I mean, isn’t that the point?

I wasn’t always a photographer! I actually started my career as a Respiratory Therapist in the Intensive Care Nursery. I actually still do some moonlighting here in town (I can’t seem to pull myself away from all the babies). This has given me experience handling babies as small as one pound, so I'm confident I can ease all your fears during a newborn session through my own experiences working with newborns of all sizes both with years as a photographer and years of experience in the hospital. (P.S.  I still teach infant CPR to medical professionals...Your little one is in good hands I promise)

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I have 5 kids. Yes, you read that right. 5! Nope I’m not crazy, promise. I was blessed with the big family I had always dreamed of! Its not always rainbows, cupcakes and perfect moments, but I wouldn't trade the chaos for anything else in the world. Word to the wise....coffee and wine are frequently a necessity. Did I mention I like wine?

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I am a self proclaimed super fan of “The Office”. Literally, it is on loop on Netflix and my 10 year old loves it just as much as I do! Whether I need a good laugh, or am up late editing your photos, it always leaves me satisfied (that's what she said).

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I have high hopes that I may someday live in Disneyland. It makes me smile so much that I'm a real believer it could actually be the happiest place on earth. Something about walking through those gates just washes everything away and makes you feel like a kid again. My favorite ride is Peter Pan, with Pirates of the Caribbean in a close second. However, if living at Disney isn't in the cards for me I could go the opposite direction and disappear to a cabin in the woods to get away from everything else.

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Pretzels with nacho cheese make my heart go pitter patter! However, my lactose intolerance doesn't let me it enjoy it as much as I'd like. That leaves me with sushi and coke in a glass bottle as a close second for favorite foods. Coke in a glass bottle just tastes so much better than any other coke!

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