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Top 5 tips 

1. First and foremost feel comfortable with your newborn photographer! Do your research and make sure your photographer is well trained and has experience and skill with working with newborns. I have years of experience and training under my belt. All and all I’m a pretty humble person but I am confident in working with newborns. Keeps you relaxed, photographer relaxed and that keeps the whole vibe relaxed which relaxes baby. Your baby is in good hands so go take that nap while I take photos!

2. Timing is everything. I always say I don’t have to be your first call after you have the baby but at least let me know as soon as possible. First of all I’m just as excited for you to have your baby as auntie but it also ensures I work baby into the schedule. I love shooting between 5-14 days to help capture that newness and keep them sleepy. But older newborns are still a dream to photograph so if baby is older then this window all hope is not lost! I had a 9 week old that literally smiled in every photo!

3. Preplanning! I love pre planning details for your session. Keeps the stress down and we can just focus on taking cute photos right?!? Every client gets sent a detailed questionnaire that truly allows me to customize your session to your aesthetic and style! Tell me the colors you want to see, who all is going to be in the photos, do you like head bands or hats. Maybe you saw and image of mine that you love and want to do for your session. All of these things give me all the information I need to make your session yours. No surprises, no show up and confirm your choices and then boom we make magic happen

4. Food and hangriness. Nobody likes to be hangry! Especially babies! And snickers just doesn’t do the job for them LOL. While I keep a studio stocked with snacks and drinks for you, baby is a little trickier. I fully respect all forms of feeding for babies. A fed baby is a happy baby. Breastfed, bottle, pumped milk, supplementing...whatever. I always suggest a spare bottle of pumped milk or supplementation to ease in feeding and flow. Also pacifiers are amazing tools to help calm and soothe babies so if you have one please bring one. I also carry spare, new, pacifiers for babies as well if you don’t have one. Feeding them before you leave your home is great but I may have you top them off once you get to the studio as well.

5. Keep me posted on any medical issues. Whether they be minor or a tad more challenging, let me know if anything arises that may need a work around. Remember the key is baby to be comfortable and relaxed so the more I know, the better I can prepare. This can all range from jaundice, circumsion, club foot with and without cast, baby being on oxygen, reflux....knowing these things helps me to have a better understanding and preparation for babe. And yes I have experience working with all of these scenerios.

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Well, hello there! Welcome to Little Betty Photography! I specialize in Newborn, Maternity and Family photography in the Reno/Tahoe area. I truly love what I do! Whether it be enjoying some baby snuggles, photographing that baby bump or having a fun family session, I promise you will not be disappointed! My downtown studio is where most of the magic happens, however I love bringing it outdoors for sessions when the weather is nice. Feel free to check out my portfolio and make sure to “say hi” so we can start planning your session. I can’t wait to chat with you more!!!

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Maternity, newborn, and family photographer based in reno, Nevada.

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